New PT-DW730 Series Bridges Gap between Panasonic Installation Projectors and Large Venue Projectors

When system integrators are in search of projectors to meet their design needs, system flexibility and high reliability come to mind. Integrators and designers need devices that are not only bright and compact with great picture quality; they also require features that provide the flexibility needed in a variety of applications. While evaluating our installation projector lines, we realized the need to bridge a gap between Panasonic’s compact single-chip DLP projectors that provided up to 6,500 lumens of brightness and our 3-chip large-installation projectors that deliver more than 9,600 lumens.

With this in mind, Panasonic Solutions Company introduced the development of the PT-DW730 Series projectors at InfoComm 2011. The PT-DW730US and PT-DX800US offer 7,000 and 8,000 lumens of brightness, respectively. With enhanced brightness to Panasonic’s best selling DZ6700 Series, the PT-DW730 Series offers a variety of features, which provide installation flexibility and brightness needed for education, corporate, government and house of worship markets as well as museums and other demanding applications that require both high brightness and well-defined color reproduction. Both models can be purchased with or without standard lens. The PT-DW730US and PT-DX800US come equipped with standard lenses.  The PT-DW730ULS and PT-DX800ULS come without a lens, and there are six optional lenses to choose from.

The PT-DW730 Series projectors are now available, through authorized Panasonic resellers. The PT-DW730US and PT-DX800US MSRPs are $11,699 and $11,599, respectively.  The PT-DW730ULS and PT-DX800ULS MSRPs are $11,299 and $11,199, respectively.

These projectors are ideally suited for digital signage solutions and commercial/government command centers. For signage applications that require projection of images onto the floor, the PT-DW730 Series features a 360-degree angle setting, which allows the projectors to be installed vertically. The lens-centered symmetrical design also makes finding the right installation location much easier.

Another important attribute for a projector used in mission critical applications is reliability, and these new projectors are capable of providing 24/7 operation. A liquid cooling system, combined with a dual-lamp system and Eco Filter, make the PT-DW730 Series ideal for these demanding applications. The liquid cooling systems directly cools the DLP chip to improve performance and enables operation up to 113° Fahrenheit. The dual-lamp system allows for non-stop performance with lamp relay function, and ensures continuous operation – even if one lamp burns out. Finally, the projectors’ new Eco Filter means maintenance is minimal, as the filter does not need replacing for 12,000 hours of operation.

The PT-DW730 Series’ features were inspired by application flexibility and reliability. For specialized applications that require projection onto extra wide screens, both models feature Panasonic’s Multi-Screen Support System, which includes edge-blending capability making it possible to blend adjacent screens, creating a large seamless image.

The PT-DW730US and PT-DX800US projectors use the same lamp as Panasonic’s PT-DZ67000 and PT-DZ570 Series projectors. With Panasonic’s lamp standardization, IT departments can significantly reduce additional inventory costs and simplify stock management.