Mobile Computing Needs for Road Warriors

Introducing the Toughbook S10

In today’s world, business travel is a requirement for almost any job. According to IDC, the world’s mobile worker population will grow to nearly 1.2 billion people – more than a third of the world’s workforce – by 2013.

For any executive or professional that spends a great deal of time away from the office, like I do, remaining productive is vital. Users like us require a notebook where reliability, connectivity and portability are crucial elements of the product design.

“Road warriors” encounter many challenges inherent in travel, including drops, bumps and spills – any of which can seriously damage your device and ultimately prevent you from getting your work done or meeting that important deadline. In fact, when respondents in a 2010 IDC survey were asked how their systems had broken, 72% indicated that the devices were dropped while being carried, 66% said liquid was spilled onto the devices and 55% said the devices fell off a desk or table. The three most cited causes of notebook damage are related to human error and everyday usage, which underscores both the importance of understanding usage patterns and the unfortunate vulnerability of these systems.

Today, we are introducing the Toughbook S10, a business-rugged device that is purpose-built to meet these challenges – while offering exceptional battery life, connectivity, security features and performance for those workers constantly on the go. Its class leading 12.5 hours of standard battery life and light weight (3.0 pounds) makes it the ultimate device for mobile computing.

The S10’s wireless features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and optional Gobi2000™ 3G embedded mobile broadband technology. With these features, travelers have a number of options to remain connected while traveling or working remotely.  In addition, the standard integrated DVD Multi-drive makes it easy to catch up on those old Sherlock Holmes films in the evening.

We are dedicated to empowering highly mobile professionals by offering the most innovative devices. Panasonic will continue to engineer more mobile and capable solutions like the Toughbook S10 to meet the demands of true “road warriors” like you and me.