Georgia Bulldogs Use Panasonic HPX370s & HPX2000s for Coaching Analysis

The University of Georgia’s Bulldogs, whose legendary football heritage  includes five NCAA Division 1-A National Championships and 12 Southeastern Conference  Championships, have adopted Panasonic camcorders to acquire video for coaching analysis. Four Panasonic AG-HPX370 and two AJ-HPX2000 P2 HD shoulder-mount camcorders are being utilized to capture sideline and end zone action.

Taking into consideration dominance of Panasonic solid-state cameras  among NFL and college teams, video coordinator Brett Greene decided that the P2 HD was an ideal fit for the Bulldogs. Brett also noted the gear’s compatibility with the team’s exisiting XOS digital coaching software technologies.

In the sports video industry fast workflow is a principal concern. Brett commented that with the P2 cards videographers are now able to shoot 20 – 25 periods and have everything finished by the time the Bulldog coaches leave the field.

It turns out that professional camcorders aren’t the only Panasonic solution the Georgia Bulldogs are using to stay competitive. A Panasonic 103” display is set in the University of Georgia’s state-of-the-art video command room. Other Panasonic equipment includes an AG-HPG20 Portable recorder, three AJ-PCD2GPJ single slot P2 drives, P2 cards and four AG-HMR10 handheld AVCCAM HD recorder/players.

For more information on the Georgia Bulldogs’ investment in Panasonic AG-HPX370, AJ-HPX2000 P2 HD Shoulder-Mount Camcorders, the full press release is available here.

Or to learn more about Panasonic’s professional video equipment visit the Panasonic Solutions Company website.