3G and 4G Networks Will Coexist

Nowadays, we often hear questions such as:

– Do I need 4G?

– When do I have to migrate my devices to 4G?

– Does 2011 represent the end of 3G and beginning of 4G?

It is true that each improvement in wireless technology has delivered an enhanced connectivity experience. 4G is the first network improvement that promises to provide a mobile experience as robust as DSL and connected broadband. A well-formulated and seamless transition to the new emerging 4G technologies is key for IT managers across all industries. If business requirements are for content-rich applications, including streaming video, vendors should be able to deliver a connected experience that meets their customers’ expectations.

Currently, 3G technology will suffice for a number of businesses in variety of verticals. Usage scenarios include information sharing, email, document and job status updates on the go and GPS navigation. According to Yankee Group, “only 36% of our enterprise IT decision-makers say they strongly believe 4G offers significant improvements over 3G.”

However, as 4G begins to make its way mainstream and approaches the same footprint of coverage as 3G, the demand curve for the faster technology and content-rich, video-centric applications will become the norm across a large sector of government and enterprise markets. This is when 4G will have true transformational power for our customers.

Panasonic’s wireless team delivers value to customers by maintaining a close working relationship with our Carrier partners. This empowers us to develop and deliver solutions that will provide an optimized connected experience, on 3G and 4G networks, during this new phase of innovation and change.

At PSC, we have a clear 4G roadmap, and we are here to support our customer needs – whatever they are.