Indie Directors Push the Boundaries of 3D in DIRECTV / Panasonic Filmmaking Competition

As Panasonic has introduced and expanded its suite of 3D production tools, we’ve recognized the critical importance and challenge of educating filmmakers and film students in the contemporary art of stereography. To further that effort, the company recently served as a presenter of the inaugural DIRECTV n3D Film Invitational.

During an event at the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles last week, filmmaker Vanessa Newell won the n3D Excellence Award and $25,000 prize for Hazelwood, a horror/comedy about a genetically altered lab rat, and the Technicolor 3D Technical Achievement Award, worth $5,000, was presented to Levi Holiman for a family drama titled Nickel Ride. Both shorts were shot with our AG-3DA1 fully-integrated Full HD 3D solid-state camcorder.

DIRECTV conceived of the n3D Invitational as an event where young filmmakers were invited to pitch ideas for a short subject 3D project. We were delighted to become involved, not only because Panasonic is the lead sponsor of n3D, Direct TV’s 3D channel, but also because the Invitational is very much in the spirit of contests we have run in the past to engage the imagination of independent filmmakers in digital, HD, tapeless and—now—3D content creation.

I was honored to serve as a “greenlighter” at the pitch session where the directors proposed their ideas. Subsequently, the creative staffs of our six favorite projects were given training in 3D acquisition (many had never shot stereo before) and a 3DA1 camera to shoot with. Each of the finalists also took Technicolor’s 3D Master Class and was given a $10,000 production budget to create a 10-minute 3D short.

The six projects were judged, and the best technical execution and the best overall short were honored. What’s more, plans are in the works to air the Invitational’s top projects on n3D in the early fall.

We couldn’t agree more with DIRECTV’s Christopher Long, whose rationale for creating the Invitational was that, if the young 3D TV market is to grow, more content is needed and the content must be cost-effective to produce.

We celebrate all the Invitational participants, congratulate the winners and finalists, and look forward to seeing more emerging talent embrace affordable 3D production.

To learn more about the DIRECTV n3D Film Invitational, Presented by Panasonic, or for information on contest finalists, visit: