LEIM 2011: Innovative Technology Driving the Law Enforcement Industry

When scanning the showroom floor of the 35th Annual IACP Law Enforcement Management (LEIM) Training Conference and Exposition in San Diego, CA, there was a clear representation of what is currently top-of-mind for public agencies across the board—a myriad of converging technologies that speak to officer and public safety,  enterprise-wide data sharing and the improved productivity  and effectiveness of operations. Panasonic Solutions Company (PSC) was proud to exhibit this past week at LEIM, a conference which brings together law enforcement chief executives, commanders, operational practitioners, technical developers, and industry representatives, and provides the opportunity for all to share and experience first-hand the leading technology innovations in the field of law enforcement.

Captain Bill Richards of the Tucson Police Department was on hand and discussed his department’s endeavors towards greater efficiency and continued technological advancement (primary industry objectives shared throughout the field). The Captain stressed the importance of agencies taking an active role in thoroughly researching and testing solutions they are considering.  Essentially, there is a universal desire to ensure optimum safety and security, while also achieving the greatest level of efficiency. However, if the effort to vet the solutions is not properly executed, time and budget will quickly be lost and the effectiveness of operations will suffer. Additionally, the Captain also shared his thoughts on the value that comes with implementing innovative technologies, drawing focus to the rapid evolution of technology. It is critical that agencies look to deploy cutting edge solutions that are forward thinking in their functionality, thus ensuring officers don’t find themselves with a device that is out of date, lacking in the capabilities that it offers.

In addition to engaging in dialogue on the topics that are top-of-mind with the law enforcement industry, Panasonic’s Dave Poulin also lead a widely-attended discussion alongside Brad Brewer of the Vancouver Police Department, on prospective mobile computing deployments for the new generation of police vehicles. PSC also showcased a number of exciting solutions at the event, including the recently-introduced Toughbook 53 semi-rugged notebook, and we were excited to offer live demonstrations of the Toughbook Arbitrator 360° solution for in-car mobile digital video, as well as the brand new Arbitrator InterView evidence management system.

Booth 109 was overflowing with mission critical solutions. A big thanks to all those who visited the PSC team at LEIM – and for those of you who couldn’t make it, we hope to see you next year!

For a selection of pictures from this year’s LEIM, visit our Flickr page