Cinematographer Spotlight: Jeff Regan

To cinematographer Jeff Regan an adaptable camera with lens flexibility is essential. Jeff is the principal of Shooting Star Video, a company that has a clientele encompassing broadcast, cable, corporate and independent productions in the San Francisco.

Shooting Star Video recently purchased two of Panasonic’s AG-AF100 large imager camcorders to augment the company’s camera offerings. Jeff, a veteran Director of Photography, notes that his clients want reliable, repeatable, professional results: fast deliverables without drama. With the AF100, Jeff is able to provide the filmic look without workarounds and extra hoops to jump through in post.

Jeff’s AF100 projects have included retail consumer online marketing, comedic vignettes in a viral campaign, in-house communications, dramatic vignettes, product shots, customer testimonials, a how-to video and an electronic press kit. Clearly, a flexible camera is ideal for such diverse work.

Jeff and his clients alike have been impressed with the performance of the AF100. The DP remarked that the AF100 “makes the ordinary look extraordinary without fuss, and incorporates all the features that make a real video camera a video camera.”

A full press release on Jeff Regan and his experience thus far with the AF100 is available, here.

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