Variety Care Community Health Center Improves Clinical Workflow with the Toughbook T8

Variety Care Community Health Center serves over 50,000 residents in Oklahoma County, OK. Recently due to funding from the Bureau of Primary Health, Variety Care was able to update their current health IT program to support EMRs (Electronic Medical Records).

Variety Care had previously been using commercial grade tablets that were not specifically designed for the demands of a healthcare environment; these tablets experienced breaks and failures which resulted in clinician downtime. Manager of Information Systems, Carl Flippin wanted to enhance the facility’s workflow with mobile devices that were durable, portable, lightweight, reliable and had wireless capabilities.

Flippin met with DataSource Mobility, a value added IT reseller with an expertise is mobile technology, to discuss the criteria for Variety Care’s next mobile computing solution. After research and evaluation, the Panasonic Toughbook T8 computers proved to be the ultimate solution.

Since deployment, Variety Care’s workflow has become more efficient. Doctors now have the flexibility to complete charting with a secure VPN when they leave the office.

“Because the Toughbook computers are durable and have great wireless connectivity, the doctors can seamlessly and efficiently move through patient charts, see patients quickly and transmit data immediately. It helps us better serve more patients and our community,” said Flippin.

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To learn more about the value of Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers in healthcare, visit the Panasonic website.