Vauxhall Offers Built-In Toughbook 19 Option to Fleet Customers

To meet the demand of police agencies in the U.K., the British subsidiary of General Motors, Vauxhall, now offers fleet customers the option of a built-in Panasonic Toughbook 19 in its Astra model.

In this economic climate, spending cuts are widespread, forcing agencies, like police departments to improve efficiency. Without a mobile computer, writing a police report is a lengthy process, with officers taking notes by hand and then typing in the information later. Although not uncommon, this method is time consuming and prone to errors.

Police agencies benefit from systems that allow officers to digitally capture and share information. According to a press release from Astra, the Toughbook-based solution can provide the needed improvements in efficiency.

According to Dick Ellam, Vauxhall Special Vehicles Manager, the Astra has always been a trusted car model within police agencies, which is why the company has decided to make the Toughbook option available.

“Toughbook rugged mobile computers are already in use by several police services across the country, and are proving to be a revolutionary resource to police; at a time when spending cuts are rife, a device that enables the force to save time and money will be invaluable,” said Ellam.

In the Astra, the Toughbook 19 fits neatly into the new docking solution by Tempus Computers Ltd, which is mounted in the glove box. The convertible laptop can be easily removed, which allows the computer to be used in both clamshell and tablet form. The Toughbook laptop is connected to an 8.4-inch high resolution touch screen positioned in the Astra dashboard. The screen is easy to reach and is mounted flush in the dash, which meets all legal and safety regulations.

According to Ellam, the Toughbook system enables police officers to operate a mobile office system, reducing the amount of time previously spent behind a desk.

“Toughbook rugged computers are ideal for professionals working in mission-critical or field-based environments, so their potential use extends beyond that of the police,” said Ellam.

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