Case Study: Tulsa PD Deploys Toughbook U1 with Sprint 3G Connectivity

As the second-largest municipal law enforcement agency in Oklahoma, with around 750 sworn officers, the Tulsa Police Department protects nearly 400,000 citizens. Daily challenges associated with patrolling such a large population made the department realize that its in-car laptops were not maximizing the officers’ efficiency while on duty.

The Tulsa Police Department faced three simultaneous challenges: equip its officers with ultra-portable computers, jumpstart an e-ticketing project and upgrade their slow wireless network to maximize productivity and provide consistent Internet access for officers across the city. After an extensive testing period, it became clear that the Toughbook U1 and Panasonic’s Permanent Display Removable Computer (PDRC) paired with Sprint’s 3G network offered the best solution.

Download the print version of the Tulsa PD case study here, and see the video below.

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