Technology Upgrade: Embracing the Changing Workforce

According to a report by VDC Research Group, most of the commercial workforce will be Generation Y and Millennial Generation workers by 2020. That means technology-savvy workers who have grown up in the digital age where mobile technology is not a luxury but a necessity, will be the face of our workforce in less than a decade.

IDC estimates that by the end of this year, 1 billion people will be working remotely. In this highly mobile work environment, faulty devices have serious consequences like lost time and missed opportunities, not to mention employee frustration.

Increased mobility will also have a serious impact on a business’s IT department. Typically an increase in mobile workers, results in increased IT support time. So as companies begin to rethink their current mobile technology solution, device selection becomes critical.

At Panasonic, we engineer our Toughbook mobile computers for work in highly mobile work environments.  In fact, mobile computing is all we do, so we know that the right mobile technology will improve employee efficiency while minimizing IT support issues. More importantly, the right technology will also help you attract high caliber employees.  The wrong mobile solution is a recipe for disaster.

If you are interested in this topic, I recently wrote an article for Integrated Solutions for Retailers, on the topic of upgrading technology to outpace competition in the midst of a technologically advancing workforce. The full article is available, here.

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