Toughbook H1 Helps Bates County Memorial Improve Patient Care

Bates County Memorial Hospital, a 60-bed medical facility in Butler, Missouri, offers a “hands-on-healing” personal care approach for its emergency room patients, which the hospital felt could be improved by transitioning its 24-hour physician-staffed ER department from a pen and paper system to an electronic medical record (EMR) method supported by the Panasonic Toughbook H1 Health mobile clinical assistant (MCA).

The medical facility found that the Toughbook H1 Health easily integrated with its EMR software system and offered the durability, integrated features, usability and excellent warranty needed to maximize return on investment. As a result of the implementation, Bates County Memorial Hospital has significantly streamlined clinical workflow.

The mobile device’s lightweight and ergonomic design is beneficial for the staff while completing daily clinical tasks such as capturing vital signs, entering patient information, reviewing medical records, administering medication, capturing patient authorizations and discharging patients. To date, Bates has deployed more than 45 Toughbook H1 Health MCAs throughout its facility.

View the full Bates County Memorial Hospital Toughbook H1 Health case study here.