In-Car Laptops Expanding Communication Options for Police Officers

We are in constant discussions with law enforcement agencies to design products that directly fit their needs.  These conversations have shown us that many patrol officers now turn primarily to their laptops to communicate in the field, and are reserving their radio dispatch for emergencies.

This trend has been gradually progressing for awhile, but is now becoming the standard, as noted in a recent Athens Banner-Herald article.  Instead of sending out radio transmissions that allow all officers to hear the dispatches, the Athens-Clarke officers are now receiving location information and duty instructions via messages on their laptop screens.

Another example is the Philadelphia Police Department, which has started dispatching accident calls over their in-car laptops instead of using the radio in order to stop wreck-chasers from listening in on their broadcasts.

The growing prevalence of mobile wireless broadband has made widespread in-car laptop communication possible; in particular, Gobi™ mobile broadband that allows officers to have a reliable connection wherever cell phones can be used.  Now, police officers have the functionality of their laptops to communicate from almost anywhere.

We are eager to learn how you’re using in-car mobile computers to communicate, so leave a comment and let us know.