Panasonic and Mobile Armor Partner to Provide Comprehensive and Fortified Data Protection

Panasonic has announced a license and reseller agreement with Mobile Armor, Inc. to integrate the Mobile Armor Data Encryption Solution (which incorporates FIPS certified 2.5-inch self-encrypting disk drives from Seagate Technology) into select Panasonic Toughbook rugged notebooks and mobile clinical assistants. The result? A secure and reliable computing solution for mission critical users across a variety of industries.

Seagate Momentus self-encrypting drives and Mobile Armor DriveArmor can now be shipped fully integrated with the Toughbook 31 flagship rugged clamshell, the Toughbook 19 rugged convertible tablet and the Toughbook H1 Health, a mobile clinical assistant device developed for healthcare users.

We are very excited about this collaboration with Mobile Armor, and know that our customers will be too.