Resellers going above and beyond to equip customers with the right solution

Our many resellers have a laser-sharp focus on vertical markets that require a rugged computing device. Because of this, they often know the right solution a customer needs before the customer does. For example, take DataSource Mobility, a Tennessee-based reseller whose mobility consulting and solution services run across multiple industries such as healthcare, transportation and construction. With the aid of some unique marketing tactics, DataSource Mobility was able to make the sale and equip a customer with the right mobile solution despite initial pushback.

Ozarks Medical Center, a not-for-profit hospital serving South Central Missouri and North Central Arkansas, approached the reseller looking for a mobile solution to replace fixed computer stations and pen and paper reporting.

The relationship between the two sprang from a webinar series, produced by the reseller, on how mobile clinical assistants, like the Panasonic Toughbook H1 Health, can aid healthcare providers. Following this webinar, the reseller provided the medical center with a number of computer models, including the Toughbook H1 Health, Toughbook T8 and the Toughbook 19 under its “Proof of Concept” program, which allows testing of a variety of units to determine which model works best for a customer. After trying each out, the Ozark IT department wasn’t convinced that any of the devices were the right fit for the medical center.

Despite this initial rejection, DataSource Mobility knew better and pressed on, insisting Ozarks take another look at the Toughbook T8. In a unique sales move, the reseller sent Ozarks a link to its self-produced informational video about the device in an effort to show them what they may have overlooked. Through the video, the medical center realized that the T8, a touchscreen tablet alternative, had the exact features it was looking for – the reseller had been right all along.

The T8 video shows everything from how to remove the hard drive to how to take advantage of the device’s ergonomic design. DataSource Mobility’s series of online educational videos allow prospective customers to better understand the products, how they fit into their workflow and how they compare to other products on the market today. This creative approach allowed DataSource Mobility to outfit an additional customer with the perfect device to take the efficiency of its staff to the next level. You can see all of the reseller’s product overview videos here.

This kind of dedication to ensuring each Toughbook customer is equipped with the right device for its environment is a testament to the passion our resellers have for our products. Because of resellers like DataSource Mobility, our customers are outfitted with devices that perform reliably, even in the most demanding and mission critical situations.

Resellers, have you made any creative sales lately? Let us know in the comment section below.