Panasonic Illuminates the Shanghai World Expo 2010

Imagine sharing your multimedia on giant screens for millions of people to see. That’s exactly what we were tasked with for this year’s Shanghai World Expo. It’s expected that this year’s Expo will receive 70-100 million people viewing presentations, performances, films and images. To make that a reality, we deployed more than 1,000 DLP-based projectors for the event, which runs from May 1 to October 31, 2010. We installed these projectors in over 50 pavilions to help visualize this year’s theme of “Better City, Better Life” from companies and organizations from around the world.

"Pavilion of the Future"

The largest installation involved 249 Panasonic projectors in the Expo’s “Theme Pavilions,” which is actually made up of five distinct pavilions: Urbanians, City Being, Urban Planet, Footprint and Dream. By utilizing a variety of settings and multimedia installations, these pavilions address a number of important issues, such as sustainability, human health and wellness, urban development and innovation for the future. Panasonic projectors were chosen for this world class event, for their 24/7 reliability, superb picture quality and system expandability. Built-in edge blending and geometric adjustment features were utilized heavily to fill many curved surfaces of various pavilions for a truly immersive experience for anyone who visits.

"Hubei Pavilion"

Other installations of particular interest were the Japanese Industry Pavilion and the China State Shipbuilding Corporation Pavilion Corporation Pavilion. In the Shipbuilding Pavilion, the sightseeing corridor uses our projectors to display a variety of scenes from the Puxi Expo site.