Marital Memories: Wedding Videos in 3D

I’m setting up here for the 20th annual Wedding and Event Video Expo (WEVA) in Orlando, Florida, and before I can even get the new Panasonic AG-3DA1 Full HD 3D camcorder 3DA1 out of the crate, a crowd gathers to ask me questions about 3D shooting at weddings. In terms of essentials, it looks like a 3D wedding video is soon going to be the “something new.”

Two prominent production companies recently shot several summer weddings with pre-production models of the 3DA1.  Orlando-based events powerhouse Bruno White Entertainment, the exclusive production team for Disney Event Group, shot ceremonies and receptions at the Epcot theme park’s Morocco Pavilion, Seas Pavilion, and Disney Wedding Pavilion, and Lafayette Hill Studios, a presenter here at WEVA, shot two weddings in the Philadelphia suburbs. Both of these guys praised the 3D camcorder’s negligible learning curve and, especially, the ease of handling convergence and avoiding frame violations.

In each case, the weddings were also shot in 2D; with the permission of the brides and grooms, additional shooters covered the events with the 3DA1. An interesting note here is that where a larger 3D Beam Splitter Rig would have been noticed and become a target for attention, the 3DA1 just blended in with the other cameras.  So now, the production companies are in the enviable position of being able to include a 3D “trailer” as a special feature on the couples’ wedding DVDs, or even burn a side-by-side 3D version on a standard Blu-ray disc. If you happen to be coming to the WEVA event, stop by our booth (#401) and take a look, we will be showing the 3D wedding trailers there.

On the international front, our colleagues from Down Under have filled us in on Sydney-based cinematographer Abraham Joffe and his team, who made local history by shooting Australia’s first 3D wedding (see behind the scenes footage here).

So if you are in Orlando for the show, come on over to booth #401 and say hi!