Girl Talk Gets Rough with Toughbook Laptops

I have worked with Toughbook devices for nearly 11 years and have seen them deployed in some pretty sensational situations; summiting on Everest or in the hands of the youngest girl to attempt to circumnavigate the globe. Even so, it still surprised me when I first heard about Girl Talk (real name Gregg Michael Gillis) – a musician specializing in mashups and digital sampling – and how he was using his Toughbook computer.  Known for his raucous live shows, Girl Talk uses a Panasonic Toughbook 30 and Toughbook 74 on stage to recreate his signature sound (which you can sample here). A key component of his shows is to invite the crowd onto the stage to surround him for a sweaty, potentially dangerous, dance party. With the crowd right on top of him, the laptop is subjected to heavy vibrations, bumps, drinks and sweat: an environment he discovered standard laptops could not survive. Witness his abusive relationship with his Toughbook laptop in this fan-made performance video.

Don’t want to take my word for it?

Here’s Girl Talk himself on the durability of his Toughbook computers:

“I used to break at least two laptops a year before I started using Toughbook computers. They are very difficult to break. I carry my Toughbook in my book bag usually. I was standing in the back of an icy pick-up truck after a show and I fell, landed on the ground, directly on my back, basically crushing the laptop with body onto concrete. There was no visible damage at all, and it still runs like a champ.”