A Roaring Success – Studying The Galapagos Sea Lion

What sort of breeding strategies do Galapagos sea lions pursue; howSea Lion 2 do their young grow and how does their diving behavior develop?

The Galapagos Sea Lion Project is searching for answers to these questions in the unique and remote world of the Galapagos Islands. And the ruggedized convertible Toughbook 19 is involved in the research.

A team from Bielefeld University (Germany) travelled half way around the world to the Galapagos Islands – one of the last remaining substantially unspoiled biotopes in existence – in order to carry out their field research. The focus of their work is the Galapagos sea lion.

Postgraduate student Jana Jeglinski is a member of the team and is responsible for examining the animals’ diving behavior. In an environment that combines both water and blazing sunshine, the obvious choice when it came to hardware was the convertible Toughbook 19. The device is resistant to the dust found in the dry conditions of the camp and to the wet conditions found on the coastline and at sea. Additionally, the display is easy to read, even in bright sunlight.

Data about the sea lions diving habits is collected by small recording devices that are carefully attached to the sea lions’ backs – a proven method which is harmless for the animals. Two weeks later, the animals are caught and the data is downloaded to the Toughbook 19, where it is stored safely even if the hardware is knocked or accidentally dropped during the choppy boat trips to and from shore. A particularly practical feature of the CF-19 is the pivotal touchscreen, which makes it possible to easily turn the device into a tablet PC for simplified data input.

Jana Jeglinski really appreciates the assistance of the robust Toughbook 19, with its battery life of up to nine hours: “It’s incredibly resilient, and is also very compact and light, so it’s a joy to work with. The CF-19 has been covered in sea spray, baked by the equatorial sun and used in an environment in which the air is full of brine. I’ve even once used it to fend off a territorial male sea lion.”

This story was originally written and published in 2009 by Panasonic Computer Products Europe

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