Optimize Your Wireless Capabilities with Gobi™

Wireless IconAs workforces become increasingly mobile, ruggedized computers have the potential to greatly improve productivity and efficiency, but only if users have the right solution. Part of the solution is the device itself, but an equally important part of the equation is connectivity – having wireless access virtually when and wherever you need it. In a recent Integrated Solutions article, “Wireless Carriers Matter in Field Service,” Editor Ken Congdon discusses the issues that many customers face when selecting a carrier for their mobile computing deployment. Factors such as coverage area, bandwidth, compatibility, applications and price all must be considered when deciding on a carrier. Congdon explains how these criteria can have a significant impact on the total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) of your field service solution.

Although this article brings up many valid points to consider when selecting a carrier, I thought IT managers should be aware of Gobi™ mobile broadband technology from Qualcomm, a helpful solution when deciding which carrier best suits your mobile workforce’s needs. Gobi is the first multi-mode embedded wireless solution for mobile computers, which allows your workers to select the best wireless provider for any geographic area – worldwide. Gobi also eases IT administrators’ pain by creating a single notebook SKU for all regions – no matter your carrier – which lowers IT procurement, support, down time and management costs.

When creating a mobile computing solution, it is definitely worthwhile to give Gobi a look to ensure that your workers always have access to the best performing mobile broadband network in their region – helping to maximize the ROI of your deployment.  The combination of Gobi and rugged mobile computers will provide your mobile workforce with added flexibility and reliability in the field, enhancing worker productivity and ultimately increasing the ROI of your overall mobile deployment.