Webcast Explores Rugged Computers in Military Heavy Vehicles

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The Webcast features my colleague Peter Romness, who heads the U.S. Army sales team for PCSC, providing key insights into why rugged computers have become so integral to missions utilizing heavy vehicles.  Soldiers are using Toughbook notebooks in military applications like the FBCB2 to quickly access vital data and increase their situational awareness on the battlefield.  They’ve also been able to streamline vehicle maintenance paperwork processes by utilizing the notebooks for managing checklists and procedures.

To ensure Toughbook notebooks are the most reliable and durable devices for our soldiers to complete tasks wherever they’re deployed, Panasonic has also tested its fully-rugged computers to meet (and in many cases surpass) the newer and more demanding MIL-STD-810G standard for environmental conditions.

We look forward to attending the upcoming Heavy Vehicles Summit, and are honored to work with the U.S. military finding new ways to utilize heavy vehicles.