Gobi™ Eases Mobile Workforce and IT Managers’ Pains

Panasonic has always been at the forefront of wireless developments, building our Toughbook® computers “from the antennae out” and adopting innovative technologies that help our customers do their jobs more efficiently. Following our recent Gobi™-partnership news with Qualcomm, we are proud to say we are the only notebook manufacturer to offer the Gobi chipset in our entire line of rugged mobile computing solutions.

I wanted to give you some information about Gobi, the first multi-mode embedded wireless solution for mobile computers. It brings two incompatible 3G wireless technologies – CDMA2000 EV-DO Rev. A and W-CDMA/HSPA – together in one software-defined configuration that enables users to connect to the best available wireless network. With their Gobi-enabled mobile computers, individuals can now have virtually instant wireless broadband internet access almost anywhere on Earth.

In addition to enabling mobile workforces to remain connected regardless of their geographical location, Gobi also eases IT administrators’ pain. Before Gobi, IT managers had to deal with multiple SKUs and complex inventory, which was quite difficult to manage. Now, they can have single notebook SKU for all regions, lowering IT procurement, qualification, support and management costs. This, in turn, provides increased flexibility and employee productivity, as well as significant cost-efficiencies over previously-available modems.

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