New Rugged IT Report: Rugged Technologies Have Tremendous Impact on Government Workers

Government employees utilize a large number of technologies these days, many of which have rugged features.  Despite this trend, there are few reports providing key insights and updates on what’s happening with rugged technology in the public sector. In an effort to address this issue, Panasonic has sponsored Government Computer News’ latest Rugged IT Report.

Survivor TruckFor years, rugged has been defined, measured and misunderstood in many ways, causing confusion for those trying to understand whether they should purchase products with this distinction.  The GCN report paints a clear picture, explaining the history of rugged, how rugged technologies have grown, how ruggedness is measured, and how users can determine if and how they should deploy rugged technology.

Areas addressed by the report include:

  • How rugged technologies are expanding beyond laptops
  • Understanding rugged testing
  • Why it’s not just the computer that needs to be rugged
  • The 12 recommended steps for considering a rugged device
  • Rugged products being developed for specific operating environments

The report shows that rugged technologies will be developed to support the many environments government and military personnel find themselves in.  As a result, public sector employees need to understand how rugged technologies can positively impact their jobs.  The GCN Rugged IT Report is a great guide for this, so I’d encourage you to give it a read and discover new methods for boosting job productivity and performance.